Tithes & Offerings

You have the opportunity to contribute to God’s work by making financial donations online. You may contribute to Redeemer’s General Fund church budget. As you give both faithfully and faith-fully, the world is changed for the glory of God!

Our online giving is powered by PushPay which allows for a smooth and simple process that will allow you to give via the web, mobile phones and even through a mobile app!



Year End Giving & Tax Statements

As we approach the year end, we would like to let you know Redeemer’s Contribution Policy as we adhere to IRS regulatory requirements.  This policy is as follows:

Individual contributions of $250 or more cannot be substantiated with canceled checks. Donors will not be allowed a tax deduction for an individual contribution of $250 or more unless they receive a written acknowledgment from the church or charity that satisfies certain stated requirements. The required statements, which will include ALL contributions made to Redeemer, will be mailed to contributors as soon as possible in January, regardless of amount(s) donated.

If you need to finalize your 2018 tax return before you receive your statement, please call Melanie Fell and I will mail, email or fax one to you. 

The contribution policy adopted by our Leadership Team states:

“In order to be included on the donor’s contribution statement for a given year, the contribution must be received by and in the control of the church by December 31. If the contribution is mailed, it is considered received on the date postmarked”.

This is in accordance with the requirements of relevant tax law.

Any checks hand-delivered to the church as well as checks left in the after-hours drop box located behind the mail box on or before Monday, the 31st, will be considered received in time. Melanie will come to the church shortly after midnight to collect any checks that may have been left, and they will ALL count as 2018 contributions. Any checks received in the mailbox or by hand after midnight will be on the 2019 statements, unless they have been mailed and have an official 2018 postmark by the postal service.  Dates recorded by a postage meter or dates on the check are not relevant.

Any checks received in the Sunday offering, January 6, will be considered 2019 contributions, no matter the date on the check. As well as any checks handed to staff after December 31.

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Fell by phone at (918) 299-1989 ext 114 or via email.

We greatly appreciate your support as we serve together in this ministry and in the life of Redeemer.