OUR MISSION | Why We Are Here

To follow Jesus and connect people to God’s transforming love.


OUR VISION | What We See

Every person God leads to us becomes fully alive in Christ.

Why does our logo/brand matter?

Our brand is not just a logo, a color scheme, or a website. It’s our words, our images, our actions and the experiences of the people who attend our church and those who never set foot in our door. Our brand is our perception and reputation in the hearts and minds of anyone who hears the words Redeemer Church. Ultimately, it’s a gut feeling.

As we grow and move into the future, it is vitally important that our media, communication, and day-to-day interactions create impressions that draw people into the church and, ultimately, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values


We Value Honoring God

United in Christ, we will reflect Jesus. We are God-seeking, striving for excellence in all we do.

We Value Relationships

We want to connect with Jesus and one another across all generations. We are a place of community.


We Value God’s Word

The Bible is the final authority in all we do. We preach and teach the Truth to equip Christ-followers and share the Good News with all people.

We Value Intentionality

We are purposeful in the approach to our spiritual growth, mission and vision. We strive to be agile, innovative and open to change.


We Value People

We strive to love and serve others as Jesus loves us— sacrificially and unconditionally. We offer grace, hospitality and acceptance to all. We value people over personal preferences.

We Value Stewardship

We use our time, talents and assets wisely. Accountability and transparency help us steward what has been entrusted to us.


Logo Reveal Video

Played Sunday, October 7