Field Use Policy & Guidelines

Listed below are some requirements for sports teams to use our fields. Please read them over carefully.

  1. Redeemer Church (Redeemer) is providing these fields at no cost to you, and you will be using them at your own risk.

  2. Redeemer’s policy is that teams using the fields should be no older than 12 years old. Exceptions may be made only in the case of a team directly related to Redeemer.

  3. Before any practice may begin, a written request must be submitted. This written request must include the name of your organization, the approximate ages of the players, your position within the organization, and the practice times you are requesting. Also, you must request from the MTSC that a valid Certificate of Insurance be on file with the church. This Certificate of Insurance must list Redeemer Church as additional insured. Furthermore, the words “ENDEAVOR TO” shall be deleted from the wording in the lower right hand corner.

  4. There may be dates when practice must be restricted due to church events such as the week preceding our annual community-wide Easter Egg Hunt & Celebration. Coaches will be notified by e-mail in as timely a manner as possible of such events.

  5. Your team will be practicing in the fields immediately north of the gravel parking lot. The exact location of the practice area must be reviewed before practice can begin. Although, practice areas are assigned by the Redeemer Office Services Administrator (OSA), final practice locations are to be worked out between the coaches practicing on that particular day – and notification of same should be communicated to the Redeemer OSA after the first week of practice so that the reservations calendar may accurately reflect same.

  6. Should you decide to disband your team, move your practice, or change coaches, the Redeemer OSA should be notified immediately. There is usually a waiting list for the use of the fields so it is very important to know when space becomes available. Also, current coaching information must be on file at all times.

  7. The grassy area immediately north and west of the Main Sanctuary is off limits and cannot be used. The general rule is that if you are south of the gravel parking lot, you’re in an area you shouldn’t be.

  8. No vehicles may be driven onto the grass area. All vehicles must remain parked in the gravel parking lot.

  9. All balls will be hit and directed away from the houses that surround Redeemer property. Please keep a far enough distance from all houses so balls don’t ever have a chance to go in to neighbor’s yards. If a ball does go into a neighbor’s yard, consider it lost. Don’t cross over into someone else’s property. We want to be good neighbors with those who live around our facility.

  10. All goals and nets are provided by the coaches not by Redeemer. These must be maintained in a safe and appropriate manner by the teams using them.

  11. The retention pond is strictly off limits. The players might be tempted to run down into this area but we need close supervision of this. There is some automatic pumping equipment down in this area that removes the water from the pond. We don’t want anybody to get hurt and we don’t want the equipment to be damaged in any way. If a ball does go down into this area, it will be okay for an adult to retrieve, but we don’t want any of the players in the retention pond area. Of course, it is possible for water to collect in this area.

  12. There are several teams and other groups who use the fields. Practice times must be submitted for approval to the church. The approved times have been reserved for you, but if you have changes, please understand that there may be other teams or groups using the fields. If you see a team on the fields when you should be out there, please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone 918 299-1989 x110. Either they have shown up without permission or there has been some sort of miscommunication.

  13. The grass in this area is usually cut on a regular basis but not every week. The landscaping company comes each week to cut the grass for the entire property but only cuts this area about twice a month. This is not a athletic field – we’re just trying to keep the grass down not groomed.

  14. Although temporary structures can be used, no permanent structures can be installed.

  15. Pick up and remove all trash that may be brought onto the fields.

  16. Please review the grounds each time you use them. If you find a hole or a spot that could be dangerous to one of the kids, notify us immediately. Redeemer wants to keep this playing area in good shape. We do have a good number of moles and gophers on our property at times. Please check your field before each practice and fill in as needed so that they do not pose a problem for the players.

  17. If anyone does get injured on the field during the course of practice, Redeemer must be notified. Even if it has nothing to do with the field itself (e.g. 2 players run into each other & seriously bump heads), we would like to know about it. If there is a twisted ankle or something that might be related to the field, definitely let us know about that. Email

  18. Redeemer reserves the right to schedule church events for these fields at any time. Redeemer will make every effort to communicate and coordinate these events with your practices; however, it is possible that an event may take place that is not communicated.

  19. If for any reason, this relationship is just not working out, Redeemer reserves the right to cancel this agreement. Just because we agree to do this one year, does not mean an automatically renewal for next year. This arrangement will need to be reviewed on a season to season basis.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. This may seem like a lot of rules and restrictions, but we want this to work for both Redeemer and your team. We are thrilled that you want to use our fields, and we appreciate your understanding about these expectations. If you have any questions about these items, please do not hesitate to call or email.